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Lisa Granshaw

I'm a freelance writer who specializes in pop culture, entertainment, animals, fashion, and other lifestyle topics.


Marvel At The Magic Inside The Harry Potter Creature Vault

Wecan’t get enough of the Wizarding World. That’s what makes this new book so exciting!
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One of your favorite webcomics has made the leap to print

The print version keeps the webcomic's magic alive with a little something extra.
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Surprising Reasons to Adopt a Turkey This Thanksgiving

Why not start a new tradition and save an animal with Farm Sanctuary’s Adopt a Turkey Project?
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The rise of chic geek fashion

From the runway to cosmetics, geek fashion is thriving like never before.
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3D print your own Stargate

It may not take you to new worlds, but it'll look damn cool on your desk.
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Alumni Profile- Suzi Eszterhas: Eye on the wild

For over a decade, she has captured stunning moments from the lives of animals around the world.

Behind the epic music of Dragon Age: Inquisition

We sat down with audio director Michael Kent to learn more about the new sound of Dragon Age.
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Art project honors Usagi Yojimbo—and aids creator Stan Sakai in a time of need

On 30 years of an amazing world of a Samurai rabbit—and the power of an artistic community.
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Fashion of the Force

Star Wars inspires designers from the runway to your closet.
Star Wars Insider Link to Story

This pianist turns Nintendo themes into classical masterpieces in seconds

From DuckTales to The Legend of Zelda, this musician's take on video game themes will blow you away.
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Profile: Bonnie Burton

The Force is with her.
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Want more scientist Lego sets? Here's your chance

The creator of the female scientist Lego set has some new ideas.
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Lisa Granshaw

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