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Hot Topic reveals new 'The Force Awakens' clothing line

This collection was created by the 2015 San Diego Comic-Con Her Universe Fashion Show winners.
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A closer look at comic book fashion

We explore some recent costume redesigns, how artists approach creating fashion, and more.
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Meet the couple behind this 'Legend of Zelda' proposal

Even the wedding might include a touch of ‘Zelda’ too!
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Revisit Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home 30 years later

We look back at 10 great moments from the film as it prepares to celebrate its 30th anniversary.
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Inside the work of the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund

We interviewed Executive Director Charles Brownstein about the fund.
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How 2 engineering students started this cool jewelry shop online

Sci Chic is awesome and educational.
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Why Ahsoka is one of the most important Star Wars characters

We explore how she became one of the best characters in the franchise.
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Meet the little girl stealing hearts with her adorable cosplay

Her BB-SK8 has been melting hearts all over the Internet.
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Making Games Accessible to Everyone Isn’t as Easy as You Think

Many still face barriers to playing video games that need to be addressed.
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Meet the women writers behind Star Trek

These amazing women contributed some of the best episodes to the original series.
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What it’s like to wear the FEM7 armor for female stormtroopers

The armor created by Kevin Weir was inspired by different elements from the ‘Star Wars’ universe.
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13 Ahsoka Tano Episodes to Watch

Rewatch some of her best moments.
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Lisa Granshaw

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I have also written for magazines including Star Trek magazine and Star Wars Insider.

I am available to write features, quick turnaround assignments, and more. Additional clips and recommendations are available upon request.