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Lisa Granshaw

I'm a freelance writer who specializes in pop culture, entertainment, animals, fashion, and other lifestyle topics.


Pop Culture Hero Coalition brings together sci-fi stars

Inside the movement to build a better, more accepting fan community.
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The world of Star Wars vintage apparel collecting

From big-eared Yoda hats to C-3P0 undies, Star Wars clothing has you covered.
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How geek fashion wants to level up your fan wardrobe

Fashion & fandom collided in a big way at SDCC, promising a bright future for geek-wear.
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Adam Nimoy discusses father's impact and Spock documentary

Leonard Nimoy's son is hoping fans will fund 'For the Love of Spock' in its final days on Kickstarter.
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Decoupage Your Own Geeky Bracelet!

A geeky bangle is the perfect accessory to wear anywhere, from school to your next convention!
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Everything we saw in DC's SDCC panel

A look at Arrow, Flash, Gotham, Legends, and Supergirl.
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Sandra Bullock rocks a sweet pair of 'Minions' heels

These stilettos aren't the only fashion items the 'Minions' have inspired.
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Remembering The Empire Strikes Back 35 years later

35 years after the experience that was The Empire Strikes Back Lisa Granshaw looks wistfully back.
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Ashley Eckstein celebrates 5 years of Her Universe

The Her Universe founder talks geek fashion, expanding into entertainment, and 'His Universe.'
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13 Musical Groups Perfect For Geeks

If you have a lot of geeky interests and also love music, then why not combine the two?
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Not Guilty: In defense of Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith

Why the least-maligned of the much-maligned Star Wars prequels might be worth a second look.
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Interacting with works of the city’s budding artists

The Fisher Landau Center for Art features emerging artists.
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Lisa Granshaw

My work has appeared on the Daily Dot, Blastr, The MindHut,,, and more. My writing has been syndicated on Zap2it, The Huffington Post, Mashable,, MSN Living, HLNTV, and Yahoo.

I have also written for magazines including Star Trek magazine, The Walking Dead magazine, Comics and Gaming Magazine and Star Wars Insider.

I am available to write features and quick turnaround assignments. Additional clips and recommendations are available upon request.