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Geek girl fashion was on the rise at San Diego Comic-Con

There were more items for women at Comic-Con than ever before.
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The growing business of cosplay patterns and fabric

McCall's, Simplicity, and Jo-Ann's are finally getting in on the cosplay boom.
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Wonder Woman’s legacy remains strong 75 years later

Comic creators and fans spoke to us at San Diego Comic-Con about Wonder Woman and her impact.
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Hero Within offers a classy take on men's geek fashion

Its first collection features Batman, Green Lantern, and more DC heroes.
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19 geeky leggings inspired by your favorite fandoms

Whether you love watching ‘Game of Thrones’ or playing ‘Mass Effect,’ there are leggings for you!
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Geek Girl Brunch creates a safe space for women

What started with a small group of friends has grown into an international organization.
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You won’t be able to say no to these ‘Hamilton’ cosmetics

Espionage Cosmetics expands cosmetics options for fans of the hit musical with its latest release.
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San Diego Comic-Con: 9 things we can't wait to see

Here’s what we’re looking forward to most this year.
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Mass Effect’s companions ranked worst to best

We look back at the memorable squad members available in the BioWare trilogy.
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Step through the looking glass with Hot Topic’s latest line

Bring the style of Wonderland to your closet.
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Video games need more female leads like Commander Shepard

Developers should take note of what makes Mass Effect's Commander Shepard such a great character.
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One community's mission to fill the world with BB-8s

These 'Star War' fan builders are creating dozens of adorable round droids.
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Lisa Granshaw

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