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How a tiny 'Star Wars' fan got the Leia doll of her dreams

Here's a story that will warm your geeky hearts.
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Fascinating Animals Found in the United States

Animals in the U.. and beyond, some you may be familiar with and a few that might surprise you!
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Geek Fashion Shines With Twinkly Shoes and Clutches

Want to make your geek fashion stand out? You’ll catch everyone’s eyes with these!
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This is the 'Star Wars' stylebook you're looking for

Pop quiz: What's the plural of Jedi?
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8 Dog-Friendly Beaches Across the Country

For many, summer means getting outside and spending quality time with four-legged friends.
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Beehive Blue among colors in funky new 'Simpsons' cosmetics line

It'll bring out the Beehive Blue in your eyes.
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Geekify your kitchen with this illustrated fandom cookbook

You too can learn how to make Alien Xenomorph Eggs.
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Warehouse 13 cast says goodbye, promises 'payoff' in final season

After over 50 episodes, fans will have to say goodbye to their favorite artifact-hunting team.
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Want to save civility in gaming culture? Confront the bullies

A 'don't feed the trolls' attitude might mean the trolls actually win.
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Four Deliciously Nerdy Recipes For Gamers [Featured]

Here are some recipes to help you make video game food and drinks reality!
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Geeky Cosmetics Guide

Learn how they’re made, how to wear them right, and where you can buy them.
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Campaign tries to bring Marvel fashions to France

What Heroes Wear wants to give French geek girls even more fashion options.
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