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Warehouse 13 cast says goodbye, promises 'payoff' in final season

After over 50 episodes, fans will have to say goodbye to their favorite artifact-hunting team.
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'Mass Effect' voice actors and models cosplay for charity

Two years after the last installment of the game came out, fans' passion hasn't wavered.
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Harvard Therapy Dog Offers Stress Relief for Students And Staff

Harvard Medical School library is offering the services of a therapy dog throughout the academic year.
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Hot Topic casts a dark magic with new 'Maleficent' fashion line

Taking geek fashion beyond the t-shirt.
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Cook A Westeros Worthy Feast!

Recipes and tips for cooking the ultimate Game of Thrones-themed meal!
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Gender inequality in gaming is diminishing, but not gone yet

"Sexism in 2014 is not a Mad Men moment. It’s very rarely someone coming up and making a pass."
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Farscape cast members reminisce 15 years later

Gigi Edgley, Paul Goddard and other members of the Farscape family share their memories of the show.
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Behind the scenes of one of the best soundtracks in video games

"I just wanted people to slow down and notice what they were hearing."
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'Star Wars' March Madness bracket highlights diversity problems

March Madness bracket reveals why ‘Star Wars’ needs better representation for women.
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6 Best Small Pets to Consider for Your Child

There are plenty of friendly palm-sized pet options your child will love.
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It's dangerous to go alone: Gamers address suicide

Take This has partnered with PAX East to help gamers struggling with anxiety and depression.
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A Guide To Creating A Custom Geeky Engagement Ring

Here's how you can create the the perfect geeky engagement!
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