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Lisa Granshaw

I'm a freelance writer who specializes in pop culture, entertainment, animals, fashion, and other lifestyle topics.


“Maneuvers” (VOY) with Lisa Granshaw

Lisa Granshaw, freelance writer, joins Scott to discuss Voyager’s “Maneuvers” (S2E11).
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Susan Eisenberg on Wonder Woman

The voice actress discusses her career, what it's like voicing the iconic hero, and more.
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Sing along with our song ranking of 'Once More, with Feeling'

Find out which unforgettable songs from this Season 6 episode put us under their spell.
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Watch: Mia Goth and Dane DeHaan diagnose A Cure For Wellness

The actors told us about their characters, their relationship and working with the director.
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Jason Isaacs talks spooky locations in A Cure For Wellness

The location helped set the mood for the creepy spa where the movie is set.
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Gore Verbinski discusses his new film A Cure For Wellness

We spoke with the director about making spas creepy and the haunting music featured in the film.
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Alien: Covenant’s Katherine Waterson on Facing The Aliens

Waterson talks about the first time she saw the film’s aliens, working with Ridley Scott, and more.
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11 composers who created masterpieces for geeky properties

We rank these composers and highlight memorable music they've made for movies and TV.
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Ranking every mirror universe episode of Star Trek

Here's how we'd rank all the mirror universe episodes, from worst to best.
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Costuming group embraces customization, culture

Learn what it takes to be a Mandalorian Mercs and how you can join.
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The 11 best Star Trek in-universe crossover episodes

The various Star Trek series have crossed paths numerous times over the years.
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15 years later: Fellowship of the Ring's classic quotes

After all these years, these lines from the first Lord of the Rings movie still resonate.
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Lisa Granshaw

My work has appeared on the Daily Dot, Blastr, Boing Boing, Playboy, and more. My writing has been syndicated on Zap2it, The Huffington Post, Mashable,, MSN Living, HLNTV, and Yahoo.

I have also written for magazines including Star Trek magazine and Star Wars Insider.

I am available to write features, quick turnaround assignments, and more. Additional clips and recommendations are available upon request.