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Lisa Granshaw

I'm a freelance writer who specializes in pop culture, entertainment, animals, fashion, and other lifestyle topics.


Rebecca Sugar on creating console game Save the Light

We spoke with Sugar and Grumpyface Studios' Chris Graham about bringing the series to console.
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Injustice 2 Team Explains New Gear System, Mobile Version

NetherRealm Studios talks to CBR about what's new in "Injustice 2," and the mobile version.
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Exploring Mass Effect's impact on fans

We spoke to fans at PAX East about their connection to the series.
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Mass Effect Trilogy: The 15 toughest story decisions

Here's how we'd rank the series' difficult choices.
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12 gift ideas for your GM on Game Master's Appreciation Day

Let your game master know how grateful you are for their hard work with one of these gifts.
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Michael Fassbender talks Assassin’s Creed

We caught up with Fassbender to talk about the challenges with Assassin’s Creed.
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Making Games Accessible Isn’t as Easy as You Think

Many still face barriers to playing video games that need to be addressed.
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You'll be a critical hit in this tabletop dice jewelry

These brand new designs can add some magic to your fall footwear.
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Mass Effect’s companions ranked worst to best

We look back at the memorable squad members available in the BioWare trilogy.
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Video games need more female leads like Commander Shepard

Developers should take note of what makes Mass Effect's Commander Shepard such a great character.
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19 geeky leggings inspired by your favorite fandoms

Whether you love watching ‘Game of Thrones’ or playing ‘Mass Effect,’ there are leggings for you!
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Authors talk bringing video game novels to life

We take a closer look at these unique tie-ins with four authors.
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Lisa Granshaw

My work has appeared on the Daily Dot, Blastr, Boing Boing, Playboy, and more. My writing has been syndicated on Zap2it, The Huffington Post, Mashable,, MSN Living, HLNTV, and Yahoo.

I have also written for magazines including Star Trek magazine and Star Wars Insider.

I am available to write features, quick turnaround assignments, and more. Additional clips and recommendations are available upon request.