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Lisa Granshaw

I'm a freelance writer who specializes in pop culture, entertainment, animals, fashion, and other lifestyle topics.


11 fictional dogs we wish we could bring to the office

On Take your Dog to Work Day!

Geeks OUT empowers LGBTQ+ geeks at Flame Con and beyond


Stuff We Love: The sweet Harley and Ivy comic

From the Love is Love anthology!

Star Wars Fathers: The legacy of 10 dads from a galaxy far, far away


Simone & Staggs Bring ‘Freaky Friday Meets Goodfellas’ to Life

Gail Simone, Cat Staggs on their new series that's "like Disney, but with hot lead and cheap sex."

Looking for Leia Showcases Women Who Love Star Wars

Annalise Ophelian on her Star Wars documentary.

Steven Universe soundtrack with show creator, composers

Rebecca Sugar, Aivi Tran, and Steven 'Surasshu' Velema tell us about creating the music.
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RockLove brings the Marvel universe to life in jewelry

More collections inspired by Marvel and Disney will be released in the future.
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Rebecca Sugar on creating console game Save the Light

We spoke with Sugar and Grumpyface Studios' Chris Graham about bringing the series to console.
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Little Petal's designer using geek fashion for good

These fundraisers will support Planned Parenthood and To Write Love On Her Arms.
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Honoring the mothers of Star Trek for Mother’s Day

We look back at some of the memorable moms in the franchise.
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Harry Potter's Hogwarts professors, ranked

While some of these teachers were magical in the classroom, others were more like a nightmare!
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Lisa Granshaw

My work has appeared on the Daily Dot, Blastr, Boing Boing, Playboy, and more. My writing has been syndicated on Zap2it, The Huffington Post, Mashable,, MSN Living, HLNTV, and Yahoo.

I have also written for magazines including Star Trek magazine and Star Wars Insider.

I am available to write features, quick turnaround assignments, and more. Additional clips and recommendations are available upon request.